Announcement: A Gift for Your Brain!

Hi, friend!

I am super excited to announce that thanks to our awesome friends at MedCircle, Pet Brain parents now get 5 weeks All-Access MedCircle membership— absolutely free.  
Yup! All current and new Pet Brain parents can now stream a wealth of incredible (and binge-able) content on just about every aspect of mental and “social” health, including video series, articles and LIVE classes with top experts.
We’re personally over the moon, as we’ve been huge long-time fans of MedCircle for their amazing content, rock star experts, and super fun host Kyle Kittleson. It’s some of the best online education we’ve found to help you start living your fullest self, while also helping you better understand and show up with love for your friends, family and loved ones. (Check out some videos – you’ll see what we mean!)
As a Pet Brain parent, your 5 weeks FREE instant access includes:

  • Access to the entire MedCircle library — With hundreds of mental health videos and articles by world renowned experts (who really know how to break things down)
  • Weekly MedCircle LIVE Classes — Where you can participate in live group discussions and get direct answers from amazing doctors and therapists.
  • MedCircle’s video mobile app (iOS or Android) — Where you can stream or download unlimited videos from anywhere on your mobile device.

Check out this quick message from Kyle for our Pet Brain family:

Want a taste of MedCircle’s FREE content? Check out some of my favorite series below:

So…if you’ve been thinking about it, consider this is your sign from the universe! Head over to Your Pet Brain right now and bring Brain home today. After checkout, you’ll receive a special code to claim your FREE access immediately.

Thanks for training your brain with me today!
Sarah Bellum
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