Brain Podcast: The Billboard 500 Club

Check out this fun, inspiring and heart-driven interview for The Billboard 500 Club, featuring Adam McInnis– artist, producer, film composer, branding/social media and sync licensing expert… And Aydika James, Engagement Art Producer with Secret Samurai Productions and creator and Co-founder of Your Pet Brain.

In this session, Aydika talks about the “P.L.A.Y.” formula for designing art and music that inspires people to action, why she considers artists and musicians “The Avengers” of our modern age… and what you can do each day to help craft our world, starting by getting clear with who YOU are here to be. The Billboard 500 Club is an online music network where Grammy Award Winners, A&R, Sync Agents, and Platinum Artists will teach you their secrets for making great music, marketing to fans, and getting paid to do what you love.

We think you’re really going to love this. Check it out here:

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