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In the meantime, we've put together a few initial resources for you:

5 Bridges to Wellness Anyone Can Do

In this video, NoStigmas founder Jacob Moore breaks down his 5 easy steps to mental health and wellness. He has tried multiple doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and medication to find mental wellness. He has since found what he calls his "5 Bridges to Wellness" which outline 5 easy-to-follow steps.Watch Now »

Useful Tool:
The Feeling Wheel by The Gottman Institute

Increase your emotional intelligence and awareness with this tool. You can investigate feelings related to what you’re feeling at the moment, or examine the feelings at the opposite end of the feeling to see how you might transform or alchemize your experience. Download Now »

NoStigmas Ally Program

So, you want to make a difference for yourself or others living with mental illness? NoStigmas has created a place for you to do just that. In this course, you'll learn how to be a NoStigmas Ally through self care, peer support & advocacy. The training is offered as both a free online course and in-person workshop to best fit your needs!Access Now »

Understanding the Feelings Wheel

Okay, okay. This first one might look a bit touchy feely, but hear me out:

Ever feel so many “feels” all at once... You don’t even know what you’re feeling, or why? As humans, we experience a range of nearly 34,000 emotions (!!!). And even though some are a little (or a mega-lot) uncomfortable, the fact is: none of them are “bad”. Emotions are our brain and body’s way of processing information, and the cool thing is: When we learn how to name and work with our emotions, they can unveil powerful information about who we are and what’s happening inside us.

Why feel all the feels?

What happens when we don’t allow ourselves to experience our emotions, we end up with a lot of confusion. Sometimes so much we can even think we’re “broken”. But we’re not!

When we don’t know how to experience our feelings in healthy ways as they arise— whether the feelings are om-nom delightful or cringy— they don’t just go away. Un-experienced feelings tend to store themselves deep in our brains and bodies like words tossed into a jar, and can come out later in strange, jumbled ways we can’t often make sense of. That leads to confusion within ourselves, and in how we watch ourselves show up.

Allowing yourself to notice and name what you’re feeling in real-time, and then allow those feelings to just be in your body to whatever degree you can safely feel them, helps keep that jar clean and clear. Because nobody likes confusion. Confusion is so… confusing.

Now unlike our smartphones, our brains didn’t come equipped with an emotional GPS to identify every last one of those feelings on auto-pilot. But lucky you— Here’s a great map you can download instead! Save this Feelings Wheel to your smartphone now, as a handy reference for the next time your emotions throw a party and you find yourself ready to navigate strange new frontiers. (You can also print this baby and keep it in your wallet. We think it’s actually pretty rad.)

So… This week, give it a go:

When a feeling arises, don’t try to “make it better” or make it go away. Just pause, and take a moment to notice what you feel. See if you can name it. No need to figure out “why” or “how”... just start by seeing if you can let yourself see and feel what’s happening in your body.

Video: 5 Bridges to Wellness Anyone Can Do

“But where do I start?” you might be asking. No problem. Watch this short video to learn a handful of things you can put into action right now to better manage your brain, body, mind, and soul. (Bonus: Contains a really cute dog drinking a smoothie.)

In the meantime... make sure you get your very own pet brain: