Creatively Social: Why do you share… Or not share?

Since we launched Your Pet Brain, we’ve been overjoyed and astounded to see our “Pet Brain Owner” family on social media consistently showing up with groundbreaking kindness, curiosity, creativity, vulnerability… and stranger-stranger support. Meaning, really showing up in a way distinct from what we generally see in social media these days. 

Our audience pops in with pictures, play, words of encouragement, and honest requests for support and advice…  Like real friends in a safe, warm living room. Pet Brain owners are rarely seeking attention to themselves— but rather seeking connection with each other, as other teammates and cheerleaders in this game called, “Being Human”. (Pop in to visit and you’ll see this group is always ready to get playful, heartfelt, open, authentic… to laugh, to cry, to get messy, silly and real.)

The point is, Pet Brain owners and their friends are consistently showing us a NEW way of social media, that’s all about sharing to inspire. And the most impressive part is that nearly every person who shares a story of hardship with the group also immediately lists the lessons, gifts and/or “super powers” they’re gaining because of the challenges they’re facing too. i.e.: They’re making their own challenges an offering and gift to help others… and potentially change people’s lives.

And to THAT, we bow in joy and say: YOU. GUYS. ROCK. You’re doing it!

This kind of stranger-stranger connection is exactly what we created Your Pet Brain to do: To illustrate the possibility of new and better ways of “human-ing”— and start a movement toward these shifts in all aspects of our lives. Including new and better ways of using the tool of social media in a unifying way that makes “being seen” a compassionate, meaningful and two-way affair. 

Sharing our stories to connect, celebrate and inspire.

(This opens the bigger topic of #HowToHuman, which is the real mission behind Brain we’ll be sharing more about in the coming months.)

Sharing as a Way to Be Present with Each Other

Everyone has a story to tell and a unique gift to bestow upon the world… Because every human is an impossibly unique creature-creation, who is an important part of the global art piece that is All of Us. Whether they know it or not, or have unlocked their own treasure chest, everyone has a story to share that could change or brighten others’ lives. 

One of the most profound ways we get “paid” at YourPetBrain is by getting to hear the heroic challenges and triumphs of our Pet Brain owners, and watching the way people have been truly showing up for each other and cheering each other on. Hearing from each and every one of you is an honor and delight, and our pure joy to get to make possible.

(In particular, getting to facilitate love-gift connections through our Sponsor a Brain program is a hard to explain joysplosion that ignite wildly spastic happy dances among our team… Every. Single. Time.)

But you know what the best part about the authentic stranger-stranger sharing is? It’s the fact that everyone who witnesses those bonds forming gets to become part of that story and that bond. Part of that family. 

So, a huge thank you and shout-out to our family of Pet Brain owners (and Aspiring Pet Brain owners, APBO) that we are becoming, just 5 months into our mission.

Want more on this topic?

Check out the inspiring TED Talk by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, that makes you look at why you share; and why you listen. We love the way you feel like we’re just hanging out in his living room as he humbly riffs on the journey of being “seen” for a living, and what he’s found that truly means.

And with that, we’ll leave you with this for today:

Part of being human means that we all have a desire to share our story and leave the world with something — because we know, deep down, we have a gift to leave the world with. If you have any doubts about this, really search your soul and ask what it needs to unlock that gift… 

Quiet time alone? More connection with others? Permission to SEE and celebrate who you truly are, regardless of what you or anyone suggests you’re supposed to be?

Who knows? Maybe the next person you share with is your next friend and collaborator, waiting to be “unlocked” by the common threads you share.

Thanks for being the amazing, glorious, brave, bold and fabulous YOU..  And sharing the love with us today!

Thanks for snacking on some brain food with me today!
Aydika & Amy G. Dala
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